About Me

Welcome! Thank you so much for checking into my world!

I am a mother, a writer, an active idealist and one who is learning to walk my own path of discovery and healing with grace, humility, honesty and humour. I find great meaning in weaving the events of my life into stories rich in symbolism and magic. I like to use my challenges and experiences as opportunities to lead me back to myself, to open up to love and to growth, and to share my learnings and passions with the world, so that I may to contribute to the Great Exchange that makes our lives together so enriching and sustaining.

I hope to share with you my stories, my struggles, my perspective, my inspiration and my crafts, and I really hope we can have fun on this journey together.

I will be using this site to offer more of my services directly as I am able, and I am very excited to see how this project evolves over time!

Thank you for coming, please stay a while!


Much love,

Alura Dawn


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