I am happy to offer creative writing services in a few particular areas! I am excited to work towards being able to sustain myself by doing what I love, and I will consider trade for any of these things as well as offering them in exchange for money.

If you are not interested in any services, but would like to support what I am building, please visit my donate page to make a donation!

I can write a short children’s story with a custom moral, to help guide your child through a particular challenge they are having using symbolism and storytelling as a means to empower them.

I can write you a personalized healing poem, turning the challenge or situation you find yourself in, into a symbolic journey through a particular landscape, to help give you perspective on your larger picture and help you find some greater meaning in your struggle.

And I can also do card readings, with a particular focus on imparting onto you some skills for reading and interpreting your own symbols. I would use my own animal oracle cards, and analyze the symbols as they are drawn along with the circumstances of your query to bring you insight.

If you are interested in any of these services, or if you have a particular writing or symbol interpretation request for me, please send me an email to learn more about what I offer, what I can do for you and to discuss costs. I may be able to do small favours as well!

I can be reached at, or you can send a message with this contact form:

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