The Rooster

It was the rooster, then

Calling me awake

Staying up too late

Planting the seeds of our best dreams

In the clouds

And we would wonder why they fell.

I didn’t speak that tongue well,

But I learned all of the music,

I figured I could probably use it,

Worked the rhythm with my hands

And everyone was moved.

I knew that I was soothing

And I could carry all that brooding

For a time.

I could make rhymes out of our story,

Make it sound like wonder, glory,

Build us up so strong and tall.

And when you fall,

When the wind is just a bit too rough,

When the drugs have messed your balance up,

When you crash into a wall

Then you will know just how I folded,

How I sank down to my knees

And found support

Only at the stone cold bottom of an empty well

Where I fed myself on wishes

And reviewed all of my lists

Of all the signs that I had missed

And there was nothing left to do

But take apart the world I’d woven,

Criticize the words I’d carefully chosen

And warm up the parts of me I’d frozen

And I looked myself right in the eye.

And I know, now,

That the desperation that I felt,

My dedication to giving help,

Was my desire to be desired

By the parts of him

That reminded me of myself.

I know now,

That the rooster taught me in his way

Many things that shaped who I am today

And I can now look back and say

I wouldn’t change a thing.

But I know, now

Not to go wishing

On shooting stars

With broken wings.

No matter what they sing.

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